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Can Can Heads - Butter Life LP (verdu-37)

Butter Life is the second full-length from Finland’s Can Can Heads, the previous one Headcracking Lifestyle came out in 1999. Co-released with Karkia Mistika and Bottom Of The Pops.

Borbetomagus - Vole Lotta Love LP (verdu-36)

Recorded Live at Tender Wreckage, Semifinal, Helsinki, Finland 30.9.2005. Co-released with Tyyfus.

Mohel - The Second Temple LP (verdu-35)

Second album by this free jazz / improv quintet from Helsinki, Finland.
Comes is luxurious glossy gatefold sleeves, printed on THICK cardboard.

Particle Separator: Cheap Digital CD (verdu-34)

Debut album by these noise rockers from Tampere. Features members of Frivolvol, Candy Cane, Tuvalu and Plain Fade.
The Nothing Choir at Youtube
Weak Blues Loops In The Ears Of Thewaoku at Youtube

Throat: Licked Inch Fur 12" (verdu-33)

Back to the 90’s! Throat is a four-piece band from Turku playing noiserock with an AmRep sound - and they are seriously good at what they do. Check out “Piggie” video on Youtube. Four song 45 rpm 12″. Co-released with At War With False Noise (UK), Kaos Kontrol (FIN) and Made In Kansas (USA).

Hebosagil: Ura CD (verdu-32)

Sludge/noiserock/hardcore/metal hybrid from Oulu, Finland. Their second full-lenght. Check out “Over Auki” on their homepage.

Candy Cane / Oranssi Pazuzu split CD (verdu-31)

Candy Cane continues in the path of their previous full-length Jaula, digging deeper into black/death metal realms. Oranssi Pazuzu blends a whole range of influences (70's prog, psychedelia, black metal) to create a sound pretty much their own. Co-released with Firebox Records

Plain Fade with WiOL: Anthropogonia CD (verdu-30)

Plain Fade (Tampere, Finland) joins forces with Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan Laulajat (a 50-head choir from Helsinki) to perform a piece exclusively composed for this collaboration by Plain Fade, and sung in ancient Greek, Latin, Italian and English. Musically it’s somewhere between over-the-top prog-rock, modern classical, highly innovative choir music and whatelse. Nothing short of breathtaking, we tell you.

Hebosagil / Two Beats Off split 7" (verdu-29)

Seriously, this one is a monster. Super intense ass-kicking by both bands. Hebosagil has a gigantic sludge/metal/hardcore sound with loads of potential for headbanging and fist-shaking. Nothing I scrible here can do justice to how totally blown away we were by their show in Helsinki last Spring. And what about Two Beats Off then? Well, overwhelmingly energetic noisy hardcore punk that has a charming messy edge into it. Adorable and exactly our cup of tea. Co-released with Psychedelica and TBO’s own label Posion Idea.

Kirlian Crossing: These Days Are Still Our Friends CD (enhanced) (verdu-28)

Third full-length from this lovely avant-pop group. The band hasn’t changed much - and that’s only a good thing! They still deliver melancholic pop tunes with a good ear for imaginative arrangements and a sound pretty much their own. Enhanced CD with additional mp3 files - 104 minutes of music in total!

Gunpowder Power & Gold: Wolf Under The Floor LP (verdu-27)

This calls for a quote from the good’ol Blues Brothers: “What kind of music do you have here?”, “Both! Country AND western!” Debut album and what an absolutely remarkable piece of work it is. They’ve got the songs and they’ve got the sound, it’s dramatic and it’s mighty. The album comes with stylish full-color gatefold covers and -for those of you who like things digital- an mp3 download coupon!

Aortaorta – Chaos Rhymes LP (verdu-26)

Debut full-lenght by these hardcore noiserockers from Tampere. Fantastic stuff. Co-released with Tuska & Ahdistus and Sonitus Insulto..

Heroin And Your Veins: Nausea CD (verdu-25) April 15th 2009

Instrumental, pitch-black and bittersweet 'film noir' music. A soundtrack for a movie that has never been made. This is the band's second album and a strong follower to the debut Dead People's Trails that came out in 2007 on Solina Records. Melancholic and lovely music for a very rainy day. Some tunes and videos available on their website.

Candy Cane: Jaula CD (verdu-24) April 22nd 2009

A kick-ass avant rock/hardcore/black & death metal genre blender from Tampere. Their previous album Fay-ra-Doowra (on Jukeboss) was jaw-dropping in all of its variety but this takes things even further. Nothing short of an avant garde metal masterpiece. Check their myspace for some tracks from the album.

Kompleksi: Sister Longlegs Dances in the Disco LP (verdu-24)

The future of electronic music in a way it will never happen. This two-piece from Tampere (pHinn & Mike Not) create some of the catchiest oddball “eclectro” ever produced in this country of ours. Haunting, taunting, outstandingly peculiar and most importantly - totally convincing. Classic stuff. Sister Longlegs is Kompleksi’s debut full-length, recorded between 2002-2006 and released previously only as mp3 downloads on Beatport. We are proud and overtly excited to put it finally out on vinyl.

Mother Goose: Anna Lumena CD (verdu-23) April/May 2009

Happy birthday Mother Goose 20 years! And what a grand way to celebrate - Anna Lumena is another ambitious album filled with the most passionate indie pop rock you could possibly dream of. We'd actually go as far as claiming this to be their most stunning and solid whole so far. Judge for yourself! The tunes on their myspace tend to change quite often but go on and check what's currently available.

Siniaalto: Kuolema CD (verdu-22)

Psychedelic ambient moods, monotonic arpeggio rhythms and synth action of various sorts. Siniaalto is a Helsinki based instrumental trio with a strong fixation for vintage gear and two wonderful albums and one 7" out previously on If Society. Even though they're obviously very much influenced by some mid 70's kosmische krautrock groups like Tangerine Dream, Cluster and Klaus Schulze the band is by no means a mere retro act - they've got a distinguishable, very profilic sound of their own. The title of the records (which means 'Death' in English) actually gives a good hint of the content as the band's output is this time noticeably darker and more oppressive. Video for the song Matka vyöhykkeelle can be seen on their homepage

Pymathon / Gentle Evil split LP (verdu-20)

The most ambitious and so far best heavy/jazz split LP of 2007! No shit. Pymathon = improvised thrash metal, Gentle Evil = harsh noise free jazz. Both kick ass, crush skulls and are loud enough to demolish buildings.

Vene - Pimeä Puoli miniCD (verdu-19 / IF-37 / ZR-26 / SUPO-005 / released October 6th 2006)

Ok, now these blokes are not even in their twenties yet but they play like all hell's gonna break loose. TIGHT noisepunkrock in the vein of early Radiopuhelimet/Hero Dishonest/Jesus Lizard/etc, with a sackful of something completely their own (Finns should pay special attention to their clever lyrics). 15 tunes in 18 minutes, no bullshit. Joint release with some of the finest in Finland: If Society, Zerga and Supo Records.

Kirlian Crossing - Margin CD (verdu-18 / released October 6th 2006)

Did you purchase the debut a year and a half ago? If you did - you'll know what to expect. Not that they're doing the same record all over again, just that you know how GOOD the follower can be. And in case you didn't - well, I guess getting these both now at the same time should make nearly anyone a happy fellow. Genuine indie rock that will make your ears sigh of sheer pleasure. We're talking about originality here.

Magyar Posse - Random Avenger CD (verdu-17)

Another brilliant record from Magyar Posse. Their third full lenght album is again without a doubt a contemporary classic. Stands strongly on its own, no comparisons needed. Check out their music video for the song Whirlpool of Terror and Tension made by Las Palmas Films

Itäväylä - Itävalta CD (verdu-16)

Hottest of all hotshit. This seven-headed monster -with no less than four guitarists- has returned with a strong follower to their excellent debut album (released by Rikos & Monsp). And you better hold on tight buddy 'cos they have developed their modern psychedelic electroboogie further into every possible direction you can imagine. Circle meets ZZ Top?
Grayzee mjyuusik.

Kirlian Crossing - s/t CD (verdu-15)

Top quality -and heck, even catchy!- avant pop by Ilai Rämä (Siniaalto/Echo Is Your Love) and Teemu Sinkko. Beautiful and sensitive compositions with intriguingly unusual and obscure arrangements, like your traditional pop outlook messed up really bad, in a kind way though. Jaw dropping.

Sergio - Swords CD (verdu-14)

Two promising EPs (both on Trash Can) and superb concerts have made Sergio a household name among the small circle of domestic indie music followers and certainly some high hopes have been put on their debut full lenght. And oh dear, oh dear, how gladly we can assure that this is as good as you might expect. Hailing since 1996, the band hasn't exactly rushed with recording an album, and it shows. Swords is very much a complete work. And even though there are those understandable comparisons to bands like Interpol or Fugazi, the fellows definitely have a distinguishable delivery of their own, such a strong mixture of wistful melodies and intense, ferocious playing is a rare gem.

Mohel: TBA 7" (verdu-13) not available yet

Story behind this is that the band rejected their almost ready master. And due to the fellows being busy with their other groups (Hetero Skeleton, Killer McHann, Taco Bells etc), Mohel hasn't been able to get their shit properly together. So this one just has to wait. A seven inchers from Mohel Will definitely be released some day.

Mother Goose - Autumn Masochism CD (verdu-12)

The masters of finnish minimal pop and art-core rock on an exclusive album for us, blessed by their official London label Seriously Groove. Grand music. Remember also the simultaneously released Schizo Ladies 7" on If Society!

Magyar Posse - Kings of time CD (verdu-11)

Epic and melancholic, captures perfectly the intensity and power Magyar Posse has had in their recent concerts. Nothing less than a grand masterpiece of finnish instrumental music.

Vuk - Exile! CD (verdu-10)

Here's our favourite one-woman band debuting and keeping up with the intensity of her live shows. The core of the music on the record is very much the same; repeatitive, hypnotic samples and metallic percussions combined to smooth organ layers, alongside with the rather astounding singing voice, yet now all that comes with very stylish and diverse arrangements, and we have also Kare from Mother Goose visiting on couple of tracks with some drumming skills. The gigs have spawned comparisons to the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten, Diamanda Galas and PJ Harvey, and surely they're not too far fetched but at least in the course of this album it should be obvious that Vuk has a noticeable sound of her own.

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. / Circle split 7" (verdu-9)

A tour single for Acid Mothers Temple's tour in Finland. One track for both; AMT lets loose a chaotic psyche-burst just as effective as you can imagine, whereas Circle.. hell yeah, they're the one and only Circle, stunning as usual. Limited edition of 500 copies w/ full color laminated glossy covers.

Magyar Posse - We will carry you over the mountains CD (verdu-8)

A beautiful debut album by these Pori "post-rockers" (ex-Alibi of Carlos), recorded at Sami Sänpäkkilä's SS-Palace. If Ennio Morricone (of the 60's perhaps) would have teamed up with Fly Pan Am, the results could have been something like this. Melancholic and impressive.

Eturivi - Ylhäisten kastien kelvottomat jälkeläiset CD (verdu-7)

Following up the now sold out Lempilapset / 30% 7" single (verdura-2), Eturivi heads for an even more peculiar sound journey on their debut full lenght album, drilling further into the hypnotic scapes. Featured are the basic elements of the previous seven incher; the monotonous though catchy rhythms, the rather strange rantings in finnish and the use of self-made electronics (alongside with a wide range of other instruments), yet now topped off with an almost confusing variety in music. And this really sounds like a combination of it's makers, something from Circle, a bit of Keuhkot and a spark of Verde. Slightly odd, quite unusual, highly enjoyable.

Hinageshi Bondage - Tirez sur le musicien 7" (verdu-6)

When it comes to making music. Tirez sur le musicien displays the diversity and unexpectedness of Hinageshi Bondage. Here´s a complete change of sound compared to the previous Diesel fruit my darling 7"; instead of nightmarish panic sounds and harsh noises HB roams this time within much more "sofisticated" and calmer moods, though the atmosphere has remained quite the same. Two long pieces, 14 mins of beatiful and hypnotic soundscapes, both harmonic and rhytmic, being the result of a long recording process.

Kroko - Furia CD (verdu-5)

This debut CD for both, Verdura and Kroko features the trio Pentti Dassum (Transkaakko, Deep Turtle), Petri Hissa (Betonisiltojen Alle) and Jussi Ylikoski (Disco Ensemble) performing you music that sounds like accidents and accidents that sound like music. Partly composed, partly improvised, partly aggressive, partly ethereal. All instrumental. Pound Nels Cline Trio, Deep Turtle, Flying Luttenbachers, Krakatau and Ruins to a blender and mix it up for good, and you just might get a tiny clue of what's going on in this CD. Truly a powerful presentation of not making musical concessions.

Can Can Heads - Cricket Okasada 7" ep (verdura-4)

Whoo-aa! The bastard sons of Captain Beefheart are here! Shaking your heads & arms & feet with 10 pleasantly diverse tracks, varying from melodic anti-pops to Ex / Minutemen stylish crash'n'go / fast-forward pieces, and to some totally "free" & spontaneous outbursts. Splendid b/w covers, white vinyl. Limited edition of 300.

Hinageshi Bondage - Diesel fruit my darling 7" ep (verdura-3)

A nightmarish audio adventure created with out-of-tune guitars, heavily manipulated human voice, metals and broken / not-broken electronics. 15 minutes, five tracks. Heavy (70g) high quality vinyl with professionally printed full color sleeves. Limited edition of 400.

Eturivi - Lempilapset / 30 % 7" (verdura-2)

We're more than proud to present this stunning debut single of one once again Pori* -based "supergroup". This time the line-up features K.Rainio (Keuhkot, Kirvasto), J.Lehtisalo (Circle, Ektroverde, Lehtisalofamily…), M.Rintala (Circle, Ektroverde, Verde…) and A.Urpiainen. Two tracks full of hypnotic -almost danceable- rhythms, diverse instrumentation and ranting vocals of mr Rainio. Do yourself a favour and be amazed. Limited edition of 300.

(*For you fellows abroad not in the know, Pori is a small town in western Finland, inhabited by the most innovative musicians that Finland has to offer.)

Ektroverde / Hinageshi Bondage - split 7" (verdura-1)

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We were also part of a distribution alliance called Kuusi Pientä Kustantajaa with five other likeminded labels: Autotehtaat, Boing Being, Lal Lal Lal, Trash Can and Zerga. The thing has been rather passive lately but who knows - maybe it'll be activated some day. Idea was that every now and then one of us released a 7" record which was then distributed together. Former members of KPK were Amerikan Peikko, Fonal and Vauva

Dadao Trio: Dadao meets people 7" (AUT-13 / KPK-10 / 2005)
-released by Autotehtaat

Astro Can Caravan / Bradford Reed split 7" (ZR-18 / KPK-9 / 2004)
-released by Zerga

Demars: Veriläiskiä 7" (Lal lal lal 15 / kpk-8 / 2004)
-released by Lal lal lal

Avarus: Luonnon ilmiöitä 7" (Bong17 / kpk-7 / 2002)
-released by Boing Being

Sergio: The ship is mine 7" (can-28 / KPK-6 / 2002)
-released by Trash Can Records

Hinageshi Bondage: Tirez sur le pianiste 7" (verdu-6 / KPK-5 / 2002)
-released by Verdura

Pylon: Keep your melody hands on my burning gems 7" (bong15 / KPK-4 / 200?)
-released by Boing Being

Pekko Käppi: Kalastajia ja kaivostyöläisiä 7" (APREC1 / KPK-3/ 2001)
-released by Amerikan Peikko

Kemialliset Ystävät: Pieni palatsi (vauva-01 / KPK-2 / 2000)
-released by Vauva

Ville Leinonen: Yöaikaan / Surusirpale 7" (FR-12 / KPK-1 / 2000)
-released by Fonal